Daily checks before use

A series of checks must be performed each day before starting work to ensure that the crane can work properly.

These checks are:
• the signal and load control systems
• the components of the crane and their state of maintenance.
In any case, reference should always be made to the instructions in the Use and Maintenance Manual.


2.1.1 Checking the signal and load control systems



a) Check the sensors, lights and buzzers and the respective electrical connections; check that the stop buttons (if fitted) are working.

b) Check that the lifting moment limiting device (if fitted) is working.


c) If the lifting moment limiting device is not fitted, check that the load limiting device is working.

d) Check that the safety check valves are working. When the motor is switched off and the levers of the lifting rams are activated, the load must be not lowered.


2.1.2 Checking the components of the crane and their state of maintenance

2.1.2-cricche-fassi-traininga) Check that the structure of the crane does not have any signs of wear or stress cracks. 
2.1.2-ingrassata-fassi-trainingb) Check that the crane is adequately greased. Nilex grease must be used. This product can be purchased from Fassi dealers or from the manufacturer, Nils. In case you cannot find Nilex grease, a similar grease can be used.
2.1.2-livello-olio-fassi-trainingc) Check the level of the oil in the tank of the crane. We recommend the use of various oils according  to the working temperature. 
2.1.2-cavi-elettrici-fassi-trainingd) Check that the electrical cables and hoses do not show any signs of wear. If they do, replace them or take the crane to the nearest Fassi service centre.. 
2.1.2-perdita-olio-fassi-traininge) Check that hoses and pipes as well as their fittings do not have any oil leaks. In the presence of drips, tighten the fitting and, if the oil leak persists, take the crane to the nearest Fassi service centre. 
2.1.2-fune-fassi-trainingf) Check that the maintenance of the winch (if fitted) has been carried out as specified in the manufacturer’s instructions. 

In particular, check the state of wear of the cable. 

2.1.2-scambiatore-fassi-trainingg) Check that the oil cooler (if fitted) is working properly. 
2.1.2-pattini-scorrimento-fassi-trainingh) Check the condition of the guide shoes on crane extension booms. 
2.1.2-catena-fassi-trainingi) Check the condition of all the crane's lifting tools (belts, cables, hooks, shackles, etc.) and immediately replace them in case of wear. 
2.1.2-targhe-di-portata-fassi-trainingj) Check all the capacity, warning, instruction and manoeuvre plates as shown in the Use and Maintenance Manual and replace those that are missing or no longer legible. 
2.1.2-protezioni-tubi-flessibili-fassi-trainingk) Check that hoses are in a good state and suitably protected. 
2.1.2-ganci-fassi-training - Copial) Check the condition of the lifting hooks and of the safety latch in particular.