Checks after use

After use, it is necessary to perform the following checks before moving the vehicle.


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a) Check that the extension booms of the crane are completely retracted (except for the  “C” version) and the articulated booms are fully folded.

2.2-prolunghe-fassi-trainingb) Check that the manual extensions (if fitted) are fully retracted and secured.
2.2-controllo-jib-fassi-trainingc) Check that the jib (if fitted) is folded onto the relavant support.
2.2-stabilizzatori-rientrati-fassi-training2.2-fermi-agganciati-fassi-trainingd) Check that the outriggers are completely retracted and their catches are fastened (only for cranes with manually extendable outriggers).
2.2-pannello-molThe MOL panel in the truck cabin will help you to check if the outriggers have been completely retracted: the green light confirms that they have been completely retracted, while the red light with sound alarm indicates that at least one of the outriggers has not been retracted.

2.2-bracci-fissati-fassi-training2.2-altezza-massima-gru-fassi-traininge) If the crane is positioned horizontally on the body of a vehicle during transit, ensure that the booms are securely anchored to prevent them from moving and that the maximum height of the crane does not exceed the legal limits for road transport or access to the workplace.




2.2-pannello-molThe MOL panel in the truck cabin will help you to check that the crane height in rest position doesn’t exceed the legal limit, by means of a sensor placed between the column and the inner boom.