The risk of accidents exists if the positioning of the outrigger supports is not supervised.

The danger zone is determined by the area occupied by the outrigger when fully extended. Always monitor this area when positioning the outriggers, warning anyone who approaches the area.


3.6-stabilizzazione-fassi-trainingThere must be nobody in the danger zone whilst the supports of the outriggers are extended or retracted and whilst the outriggers are lowered or raised, or rotated if they are tiltable.
3.6-supporti-fassi-trainingIn the case of soft ground, it is necessary to place larger load bearing plates beneath the stabilisers in order to increase the area of the supporting surface.
3.6-buchi-fassi-trainingThe outriggers must never be used to cover holes or other uneven features on the ground, but must rest completely flat.


Cranes are equipped with stability control systems FSC. As there are various types, read carefully in the Use and Maintenance Manual the stabilization requirements for the one installed on your crane. Only a correct stabilization procedure allows for crane use.
Some control systems can manage the crane's performances by recording some positions of the outrigger supports as a reference, some others manage them automatically.