Safe working areas
3.3-area-lavoro-gru-fassi-trainingThe crane and its working area must be clearly signposted in order to prevent collision with other vehicles or machinery and to avoid any kind of danger to those passing nearby.

To mark the boundaries of the working area and to signal the presence of the crane, the following methods may be used: barriers, cones, emergency lights, stickers with red and white stripes applied to the outriggers.

Attention: If you use lifting tools other than the hook (bucket, grab, pallet fork, etc.), the working area must be fenced off in order to prevent anyone from entering.

3.3-area-pericolo-fassi-trainingThe “working area” means the entire area in which the crane’s booms and its load are manoeuvred.

Always keep the working area under controlled conditions and warn anyone who approaches the area of the danger.

You must prevent anyone from passing under the load or the crane’s booms due to falling objects, or even the movement of the crane and the load.