3.7-pendenza-fassi-trainingExcessive inclination of the crane towards one side may compromise the operation, overload the rotation system and make the crane unstable.
3.7-ruote-fassi-trainingLevel the crane by adjusting the outriggers as required, but nonetheless ensuring that the wheels of the truck are resting on the ground and that the shock absorbers are not completely unloaded.
3.7-piedi-fassi-trainingWhen positioning the outriggers, check that nobody is nearby, this preventing any risk of accidents. 
3.7-livellamento-gru-tolleranza-massima-fassi-trainingThe crane must be levelled as close as possible to the horizontal plane, with a maximum tolerance of 1.5°.
3.7-bolla-gru-fassi-trainingThe level is used to check the correct levelling of the vehicle, which can be adjusted by moving the outriggers as required.